BSB30211 Certificate III in Customer Contact

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who typically undertake complex customer interaction under supervision and with some authority to delegate. Duties at this level would include working with multiple communication channels, receiving and responding to customer requests, handling customer complaints, adhering to key performance indicators, working in a team environment, providing support to a team, providing technical advice and capturing data.

  • Customer contact agents or operators
  • Customer services representatives
  • Telesales representatives
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Core Units

Unit Code Unit Name
BSBCCO301B Use multiple information systems
BSBCCO307A Work effectively in customer contact
BSBCCO309A Develop product and service knowledge for customer contact operation
BSBCUS301B Deliver and monitor a service to customers

Elective Units

BSBCCO203A Conduct customer contact
BSBCCO204A Collect data
BSBCCO302B Deploy customer service field staff
BSBCCO303B Conduct a telemarketing campaign
BSBCCO304C Provide sales solutions to customers
BSBCMM301B Process customer complaints
BSBWOR203B Work effectively with others
BSBWOR301B Organise personal work priorities and development

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Certificate III in Customer Contact

Certificate III in Customer Contact